Radu Corneanu

Radu has been a consistent figure within the West Michigan Music scene. It all started in 1988, with bands like Tyrant and Gypsy Lust formed by residual members of the band Oz, of early 80's. Part of quite a few road bands in the 90's, he has performed with A circuit bands like White Lies, Angel Blaze, Groove Tribe, Tribal Law and Slave Nation. Back home in 1998, Radu gets the privilege to meet Steve Godfrey, a future good friend, by joining his band at the time - Toys. Next is Oregon Dream Child then finally - in 2005, he puts together Decades from scratch, with the help of Steve and two other friends - Bruce and Randy. Radu is a trained musician, with 10 years of music schooling, 37 of performing and 19 of teaching. Son of world traveled violinist Ion Corneanu.


Bruce Evans

Born in Pekin Illinois, just outside of Peoria, in the late 50's, Bruce became interested in music at a very young age due to an extremely diverse musical environment provided by a family that centered on music of all types. Nine-year private voice student and elected to All State Choir twice. Attended U.N.L.V. from 1974-1975 as a voice major and was the first freshman in the history of the school up to that time to be elected to Musicum Collegium, an institution comprised of the elite of the elite in the schools music/voice program. 1975-76 Played drums and sang backing vocals for the Korean pop stars The Pearl Sisters based out of Las Vegas Nevada. 1977-80 Freelanced as a drummer/singer for various regional acts. 1980-83  Lead vocalist and songwriter for the Central New York band Prettyboy, a very popular north east rock band managed by LimeLiters out of Nashville Tennessee.   1984-88  Lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for Alpha Centori, a New York band signed to the Music America label and managed by the Starstruck agency whose list of artists represented included such names as Billy Sheehan and The Goo Goo Dolls. 1989-98 Formed, wrote, sang and played guitar for Hevansent, a band originally signed by Aroura Records subsequently picked up by Beyond Records and then toured the continent receiving sales, airplay and press around the world. Hevansent also performed with dozens of major label acts. The Hevansent Imperfect Angels c.d. is still selling to date on the Internet and is considered a Melodic Metal rarity.1999-2004 Formed and toured with Souls In Common, a band formed from the ashes of Hevansent.  Playing guitar and carrying the lead vocal spot, Bruce also wrote for the band and it proved to be a change in musical direction for him. After releasing the Souls In Common c.d. the band was offered and accepted a management deal with New York based LuvLite Productions and their touring calendar was handled by ShowTime out of Raleigh N. C2004-Present- Writing and working on a publishing deal and as one of the founding members of Decades, after a few year hiatus from the band, is back at the lead vocalist/guitarist/keyboard position and loving it.

Earl Tolliver

Earl began playing bass guitar as a teen, during the early "grunge" era of the '90's, yet always had a taste for the classic rock of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Listening to jam bands like Phish, and jazz bands like Medeski and Martin and Wood,helped him develop a feel for playing live music. In college Ian pursued a music curriculum by taking music theory and bass lessons along with teaching himself the intangibles. After a few college band encounters, he joined the Adam Pringle Project; the ensuing original material was played on several local radio stations, while allowing the band to open for Gin Blossoms at the Intersection, in Grand Rapids (2006). Ian was also the bassist for the local band Strange Brew for a couple of years before joining ranks with Radu and Steve, thus completing the base (pun intended) of Decades, in the summer of 2010. 

Joey Styxx  

Joey Dawkins (Joey StiXX) Was Born In Muskegon,Mi.
StiXX began playing drums at the age of 8. Playing in the Church from the ages of 10-17. Joey's influences include, Muskegon own Derico Watson, Grand Rapids own Jimmy Abney, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Steve Gadd. StiXX has Been on the Road with The James Cleveland Gospel Workshop Of America Choir, and many other Gospel artist. StiXX started playing with several bands in his early 20's. StiXX is playing now with Decades Band and Cementing his place as One of West Michigan's most sought after DRUMMERS!